10,328 people killed in Israel invasion, says Ministry of Health in Gaza

Tel Aviv: The Ministry of Health in Gaza claimed on Tuesday that 10, 328 people have been killed since the Israeli ground invasion in Gaza Strip began, of which 4,237 are children.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Ashraf Al-Qudra, said this in a statement on Tuesday.

Theministrysaid that 21 attacks were unleashed by theIsraeliarmy in the past few hours, leading to the death of 548peopleinGaza.The statement also said that 25,956 civilians have been grievously injured in the Israeli attacks.

Al-Qudra said that 2,719 women and 631 elderlypeoplehave been killedin Israeli attacks since the groundinvasioncommenced inGaza, adding that 192healthpersonnel have been killedwhile 40 ambulances have been destroyed so far.

Theministrysaid, “As many as 2,450 persons are missing since the start of the aggression, including 1,350 children who are still under the rubble.”

Theministryalso charged that theIsraeliarmy has reiterated its threat tothe Al-Rantisi Specialised Hospital for Children and wants its immediate evacuation, which puts the lives of sick and wounded children at risk.

The statement said that dozens of dead and injured are still lying on the roads between the governorates of the northern and southernGazaStrip, and the Israeli army is notallowing ambulances to arrive to evacuate them.

The statement called upon the International Committee of the Red Cross to take urgent steps to coordinate and accompany ambulances to evacuate the martyrs and wounded from the corridors of death that the Israeli army has created to kill citizens, who are forced to move through them from the north of theGazaStrip to its south.

TheMinistryofHealthalso called upon the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to work immediately to activate international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention to protect thehealthsystem and support its emergency medical and fuel needs, empower it and give it the full opportunity to carry out its functions in saving the lives of thousands of sick and woundedpeople.

The statement also called upon all concerned parties to work immediately to provide a safe humanitarian corridor for the entry of medical supplies, fuel, and medical personnel, and for the exit of thousands of wounded people.


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