14 cities in Brazil attacked by criminal ring

Brasilia:  At least 14 cities in Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte state suffered shooting or arson attacks that left one person dead, local authorities said.

An organised crime ring known as the Crime Syndicate, which operates widely in the state, were allegedly behind the attacks, according to police reports.

The victim died in a clash with security forces, the police said, adding that the attacks occurred in the state capital Natal, and more than 10 other cities in the state, reports Xinhua news agency.

The state’s security forces jointly responded to the attacks on a court of law, two military police stations, a city hall and a bank.

Police also reported damage to a motorcycle shop, and vehicles parked on the street and in public lots.

The Palace of Justice in Parnamirim, a city next to the state capital Natal, came under fire, as did two military police stations in the west of the city.

The criminal group also allegedly shot at public buildings and tried to set them on fire.


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