2020 riots: Delhi court rejects bail plea of man who looted several stores

New Delhi: A Delhi court has directed police to conduct a proper investigation into a case pertaining to looting during the 2020 riots while rejecting the anticipatory bail of an accused.

Additional Sessions Judge Pulastya Pramachala was hearing the the pre-arrest bail plea of Sunder, accused in various offences, including rioting and arson during riots in the Bhajanpura area.

“The Investigating officer’s report shows that till the time of moving the bail application, the applicant remained untraceable by the police. His name has been taken by several eyewitnesses and he is also reported to be appearing in the video footage and in these circumstances, I do not find the applicant entitled to pre-arrest bail,” the court said, while rejecting the bail.

“At the same time, I am not very much satisfied with the kind of investigation done in the case, wherein no attempt has been made to recover any looted materials. Hence, the matter is referred to the station house officer (SHO) to ensure that a proper investigation is done in this case… IO shall hand over a copy of this order to SHO for compliance,” the court said in its order passed on Wednesday.

The Investigation Officer’s reply was noted by the court in which it was stated that on March 6, Sunder, after joining the probe, confessed to having looted and vandalised several stores, including mobile phone shops.

“Neither anything has been said about an attempt made to recover the looted articles, nor the requirement of further investigation or interrogation of the applicant and on the contrary has been said, the IO reports that custodial interrogation is not required,” the court said.



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