4 in 5 smartphone users consider chipset as heart, brain of phone: Report

New Delhi: Four in every five smartphone users consider the smartphone chipset as the heart and brain of the phone, while, about three in every four smartphone users believe that chipset brand is important, a new report said on Monday.

According to CyberMedia Research, about 83 per cent of smartphone users plan to purchase a 5G-enabled smartphone.

“There is a growing recognition among consumers that the smartphone chipset is crucial in driving these experiences. This is where chipset brands are striving to meet consumer aspirations and expectations,” said Surachita Deb Sharma, Analyst-Industry Consulting Group (ICG), CyberMedia Research (CMR).

Moreover, the report said that the role of chipsets becomes important in enabling new emerging form factors, such as foldable smartphones, as well as supporting other smart devices, including AR/VR, and automotive.

When it comes to foldable phones, about 79 per cent of smartphone users are familiar with the concept of foldable smartphones.

Among this group, around 50 per cent have shown interest in choosing a foldable smartphone as their next device.

Further, the report stated that consumers are primarily motivated by the advantages of large screen size (84 per cent), improved portability (81 per cent), and the ability to multitask (80 per cent) when considering foldable smartphones.

Around six in seven smartphone users utilise their smartphones for content creation.

When capturing videos or photos, fast uploading (71 per cent) is considered the most important aspect, followed by enhanced storage capacity (67 per cent) and a fast network connection (65 per cent).

Around five in six smartphone users play games on their smartphones for stress relief (44 per cent) and leisure (41 per cent), and, often immerse themselves in another character (26 per cent).


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