Aahana Kumra is joined by Anushka Ranjan in upcoming action thriller series ‘Mixture’

Mumbai: Actress Anushka Ranjan will be joining Aahana Kumra in the upcoming action thriller series titled ‘Mixture’, directed by Hanish Kalia.

‘Mixture’ is a gripping series that delves deep into the world of crime and suspense.

Anushka said: “I am absolutely thrilled to join the cast of ‘Mixture’ and delve into this exhilarating action thriller. This project has pushed me to new heights as an actress with its intricate storyline and intense character dynamics.”

Produced by Pinaka Entertainment, ‘Mixture’, which is set to release later this year, unfolds against the scenic backdrops of Goa and the bustling streets of Mumbai, promising viewers an edge-of-the-seat experience with its intricate plot and dynamic action sequences.

Anushka added: “The twists and turns in the script kept me constantly engaged, and shooting against the vibrant backdrops of Goa and Mumbai added an extra layer of excitement to the experience.”

“I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing this thrilling journey with the audience and am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such a talented team,” she said.

A source close to the production added, “Anushka brings a unique intensity to her role that perfectly complements the fast-paced and gripping narrative of ‘Mixture.’ Her dedication and enthusiasm have been a driving force behind the energy of the series.”


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