Aayudh Bhanushali learns Kabbadi for ‘Doosri Maa’

Mumbai: Actor Aayudh Bhanushali, known for his role as Krishna in ‘Doosri Maa’ has mastered the game of Kabbadi for a crucial scene in the show.

Despite his young age, Aayudh is committed to personal growth and acquiring new talents. With Swatantra Bharat (Shamshera), his co-star, guiding him, he diligently honed the necessary techniques to authentically depict the sport, guaranteeing a stellar performance in the current storyline.

Talking about his preparation for playing Kabbadi in the ongoing track, Aayudh shared: “The upcoming story will have Krishna stepping into the Kabbadi arena, surrounded by fellow players. Since I have never played the sport, I wanted to learn it and was determined to give it my all.”

“As we started shooting, I quickly realised that being a Kabbadi player is no easy feat. I understood the game demands sharp mental acuity to outwit the opposing team. I was excited yet nervous about the prospect. I must admit that, before shooting the entire sequence, I felt as though I was gearing up to compete in an actual match and represent a team, even though it was all for a specific scene. I took my preparation seriously, and started working on my strength and stamina,” he said.

Aayudh further said: “However, as we shot the scene, I soon realised it required specific techniques. Swatantra Bharat Sir introduced me to techniques such as Tackle, Block, Chain Tackle, waist hold, Ankle hold, thigh hold, Diving ankle hold, dubki, and more.”

“I also watched a few Kabbadi games online to understand the technique better. Kabbadi is indeed a fascinating sport. Shooting on a real Kabbadi turf was a remarkable and unforgettable experience. I have the utmost respect for our Indian Kabbadi players who undergo rigorous training from childhood and proudly represent our country on the international stage,” he said.

Talking about the close bond with his co-actor and coach, Aayudh revealed, “Swatantra Bharat Sir and I spent considerable time practising the Kabbadi scenes. He has been extremely forthcoming and patient in teaching the game’s nuances. We practised at least two to three hours before each shoot to ensure everything ran seamlessly.”

“He is incredibly disciplined, a fitness enthusiast, and dedicated to working out extensively. During the shoot, I dared him to do fifty push-ups in one go, and he completed it within just a few minutes. Later, he challenged me to do the same, and I playfully escaped (laughs),” said Aayudh.

He added: “I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of learning and playing the game. My parents are thrilled to watch me perform this challenging sport on-screen, and I hope the audience shares the same excitement. I am delighted that our show ‘Doosri Maa’ is helping promote underrated sports like Kabbadi.”

‘Doosri Maa’ airs on &TV.


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