Acting in ‘Kaya Palat’ marks thrilling chapter for me: Director Rahhat Shah Kazmi

Mumbai: Filmmaker Rahhat Shah Kazmi, known for his international contributions including ‘Lihaaf’, ‘Mantostaan’ and ‘Country of Blind’, has stepped into the spotlight as an actor again in his latest film ‘Kaya Palat’, and said the movie is a journey, a promise fulfilled, and a celebration of surprises.

The film, directed by Shoib Nikash Shah and co-written by Rahhat himself features Helly Shah in the lead role. It revolves around river mafias in Jammu. The movie has gained international acclaim, closing the Namaste Vietnam festival in Ho Chi Minh City before making waves in the US.

Reflecting on his second innings as an actor, Rahhat shared: “Kaya Palat is a film that holds a special place in my heart. It marks a thrilling and humbling chapter for me. When Tariq Khan, my longtime friend and industry partner, and I started our careers, we began as actors. Over time, I transitioned into writing and directing, while Tariq focused on production. We always talked about making a film that brought us back to where we started – as actors, and ‘Kaya Palat’ brings that dream to life.”

He said, “Going back in front of the camera after directing for years felt like meeting an old friend again. It brought back memories of when Tariq and I were young actors with big dreams.”

“But, it wasn’t easy. Challenges were right there, staring at me through the lens. It was like starting over, figuring out the details of a craft I knew but kind of forgot. Switching from being the one in charge to following directions needed a different vibe, a new kind of openness. I took on the challenge with all my heart because I believe that real growth happens when we step out of our comfort zones. It was like rediscovering my love for acting, remembering the excitement and passion that got me into this world in the first place,” he said.

He further shared: “Kaya Palat is more than a film; it’s a journey, a promise fulfilled, and a celebration of surprises. As we navigate these new waters, I’m grateful for the love and support fuelling this incredible adventure. It’s been a ride filled with joy, challenges, and the unexpected, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Recently, the movie has earned accolades at the Indian International Film Festival of Boston, US, where Rahhat and his co-star Helly bagged two prestigious awards.

Expressing his happiness on the same, he said, “Bagging the Best Actor award at the Indian International Film Festival of Boston felt unreal. This unexpected win just shows the magic that unfolds when you follow your heart.”

‘Kaya Palat’ features an ensemble cast including actors like Mir Sarwar, Tariq Khan, and veteran actress Swaroopa Ghosh, alongside indie-music singer and composer Rohil Bhatia in a significant role.



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