AirTag helps rescue dog lost in California floods

San Francisco:  Apple’s AirTag has helped to rescue a dog that was lost in the major floods in California, by leading rescuers to his location.

The one-year-old Australian shepherd, Seamus, was separated from his owner while out for a walk and fell into a fast-flowing storm drain, reports MacRumors.

Seamus floated away from his owner after being swept into a flood control basin, but he eventually managed to crawl out of an access tube.

The dog got stuck at the bottom of the access tunnel after the drainage network carried him about a mile from his starting point.

The San Bernardino County Fire Department said on its Facebook page that both the Apple AirTag and the conventional ID tag “aided rescuers and owners in tracking the pup and reuniting them”.

It was reported last November that the tracking device had helped a woman locate her runaway dog in Florida state.

The dog’s disappearance was noticed by the owner, Denise, an hour after the canine ran away.

She then realised that she had fitted an AirTag GPS tracker in the dog’s collar and then the dog was finally tracked in an animal shelter, which was 20 minutes away from her house.


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