AISF worker nabbed for protesting against MLA’s arrest with poison filled syringe

Kolkata: Abdul Basir Mistri, an All India Secular Front (AISF) worker, was nabbed by the police on Wednesday after he staged a protest against the arrest of the lone party MLA in West Bengal, Naushad Siddique, carrying a syringe filled with poison.

Siddique was arrested on January 21 after the AISF supporters clashed with the police in the heart of the city, causing injuries to several AISF supporters and policemen.

On Wednesday, some AISF supporters blocked roads in Ghatakpukur under the Bhangar Assembly constituency represented by Siddique, in protest against the latter’s arrest.

During the agitation, Mistri was spotted carrying a placard demanding release of ‘Bhai Jaan’ (Siddique) on one hand and a syringe on the other hand.

When the police approached him, he claimed that there was poison in the syringe and if police tried to take him away, he will commit suicide by injecting the poison into his body.

However, one policeman somehow managed to snatch the syringe from his hand. The syringe has been sent to the forensic laboratory for examination.

Meanwhile, a rally was taken out on the streets of Kolkata on Wednesday demanding the release of Siddique.

Though AISF was the organiser of the rally, it was taken out under the banner of ‘Citizens’ Rally’, where leaders from other political parties, including the CPI(M) and Congress participated.



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