Alert in Kanpur after leopard spotted

Kanpur: An alert has been sounded in Kanpur’s Panki area after a leopard was spotted by a police patrol team late in the night.

This is second time in three months that the big cat has been spotted in the area.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Vikas Pandey said PRV cops were on patrol duty when they spotted some commotion in the bushes near Panki canal. When they flashed torch light, they saw the leopard coming out of the bushes.

The big cat escaped soon after.

“An alert has been sounded in the area and locals have been instructed not to venture out late in the night alone. Forest department has also been apprised and asked to install cameras around the place to monitor the leopard’s movement,” the ACP said.

The big cat was sighted for the first time on October 26, 2022 in the forest behind the Type-6 residences in the IIT Kanpur campus.

The animal went into hiding in the institute’s premises and after some time was again spotted on NSI premises.

It preyed upon a nilgai calf and a wild boar.

Later, the feline was seen near Armapur Estate and the Small Arms Factory in Panki.



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