Amid Unfolding Afghan Crisis, BSF DG says ‘Capable of Facing any Challenge at J&K International Border’

New Delhi: Amid looming terror threats across Jammu and Kashmir with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan in the northwest, Border Security Force (BSF) Director General S.S. Deswal on Tuesday said that the frontier troops are capable of handling any challenge at the international border in Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking to IANS, Deswal said that the Force has all capabilities required through training and all equipment to prevent any eventuality and there was no need to ‘fear’.

The BSF officials have said that it has strengthened its security mechanism along the IB and troops are on high alert across the western and northern border.

“The ‘Operation Alert’ has been launched across the border adjoining Pakistan and troops are at “maximum vigilant stance” since August 15, 2021,” the officials said.

Security agencies have sounded alert following the Taliban resurgence across Afghanistan that saw a forced regime change as the Ashraf Ghani government was toppled, with Ghani fleeing the country and the Taliban taking charge.

Stating that Pakistan may try to get its ultras infiltrated in J&K to disturb the prevailing peace and development process, the BSF chief said it is on its maximum vigil.

West Asia expert and senior journalist Qamar Agha also apprehends the recent development in Afghanistan will have adverse impact and will further increase militancy threat in J&K in coming days.

“This will have an impact not only in Jammu and Kashmir, but will have a pan India impact and Pakistan will use these Taliban in Jammu and Kashmir and they will send militants to other cities also. They have done it earlier as well when they attacked many parts of India including the 26/11 Mumbai attack,” he said.

Noting that the security agencies have already strengthened the guarding mechanism at international borders, Agha further said that the agencies are watching closely the developments in neighbouring countries and technology based surveillance have been introduced.

Dismissing that this Taliban was a new one with modern thoughts, Agha said that they should not be trusted as their ideology has not changed. “Their leaders have changed but the rank and file remains the same. The Taliban leaders have become media savvy and that’s why they are claiming themselves different but their ideology is basically based on hatred against minorities, against other religions, they are opposed to Shiyas, Ahmadias and Sufis, they have attacked many shrines in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

He also said that the local Afghans like India and they expect a big role from India and have a big support in the country, adding that now Pakistan will create problems for any efforts by India.

“Pakistan has already said that India has played an oversized role in Afghanistan.”

“India, with the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, such as Iran, Tajikistan, and other central Asia countries will be formulating a strategy to look into the threats arising out of the new development in Afghanistan as they will be equally suffering in terms of terror and large influx of refugees from there,” Agha concluded.


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