An introduction to Korean street food

Aside from beauty, drama, and fashion culture, Korean food culture is second to none, and many people consider it to be very healthy due to the amount of vegetables used in preparation.

Here’s something you can try preparing at home to know the buzz K-town culture.


Fresh Shitake 25 gm<br>Bean sprouts 20 gm<br>Spinach 100 gm<br>Cooked rice 200 gm<br>Gochujang 25 gm<br>Sesame oil 5 ml<br>Korean soy sauce 8 ml<br>Minced garlic 5 gm<br>Sesame seed toasted 2 gm<br>Sugar 5 gm<br>Black pepper 2 gm<br>Ground beef 50 gm


Heat a pan over medium heat, add the vegetable oil and stir fry all the vegetables individually, and season it with sesame oil.<br>On the other hand marinade beef mince with sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic minced, and a little sugar then after, heat a pan over high heat and stir fry marinated beef mince.<br>Now you have all the ingredients ready, put the rice into a bowl, and add the meat and assorted vegetables.<br>Now, enjoy the meal bowl of bibimbap with gochujang paste.<br> <br>Samgyupsal <br>Ingredients:

Pork belly sliced thick 150 gm<br>Salt 2 gm<br>Crushed black pepper 2 gm<br>Romaine lettuce 20 gm<br>Elephant garlic cloves sliced 2 cloves<br>Green chili 4 gm<br>Carrot 15 gm<br>Cucumber 15 gm<br>Onion diced 10 gm<br>Soybean paste 10 gm<br>Gochujang paste 10 gm<br>Sesame seed 1 gm<br>Sugar 2 gm<br>Tomato ketchup 3ml<br>Korean soy sauce 6 ml


Make the sauce by mixing together all the ingredients which are soybean paste, gochujang, sugar, Korean soy sauce, and tomato ketchup.On the other hand, take a pan, heat it over high heat, and grill the belly slices for 5 minutes until golden brown from both sides and little crisp from the top sides and season it as well.<br>Serve the belly slices with all the vegetables as accompaniments.



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