Ansar Sheikh enjoyed Robin Hood-like image in Bengal village

New Delhi : Ansar Sheikh, the prime accused in the Jahangirpuri violence case, had created a Robin Hood-like image of himself at his wife’s village near Haldia in West Bengal’s East Midnapore district.

Many people in the village remember him as a social activist who devoted his life for the welfare of others. Ansar too made sure that his image remained intact by doing charity works.

The villagers said that while he didn’t come to the village very frequently, he made sure to go there on Eid Eid and during elections.

He also owns a luxurious mansion near Haldia, the prime industrial township near Kolkata.

The villagers also said that Ansar is very fond of gold, a point proven correct by pictures of the accused surfacing on social media, in which he could be seen flashing gold jewellery.

As per sources, Ansar, originally a resident of Assam, married into a family which had been living in the village for a long time now. Soon after his marriage, Ansar built a mansion there.

A few villagers said that Ansar last came to the village in March this year. Every time he visited the village, he used to meet the deputy village head before leaving for Delhi.

Rafiq-ul-Islam, the deputy village head, said that Ansar used to always make monetary donations to the poor, both Hindus and Muslims, during his visits to the village, creating an image of a philanthropist for himself.

Islam believes that Ansar has been framed in the Jahangirpuri violence case.

He was also quite popular among the neighbours as whenever he used to come there, he used to arrange feasts at his mansion where the neighbours were invited, a source said.


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