Ansh Bagri on significance of ‘Holi’ colours: Represent different emotions

Mumbai: Actor Ansh Bagri has delved into the essence of the vibrant celebration of Holi, emphasising the profound symbolism behind each hue.

Ansh is currently playing the role of Deva in the show ‘Baghin’.

Discussing the Holi festival, Ansh said: “As Holi approaches, we see colourful colours everywhere around us. Every colour in our life has its own significance, representing different emotions. While black represents darkness, white represents peace. I believe that we should choose each colour, adopt it, and feel the emotions associated with it.”

“While playing my character Deva, I get immersed in many emotions, Deva seems to have a lot of dark shades to him but somewhere he has a hint of red for love as well, which he is yet to discover. Similarly, I also want all the colours present in my personal life,” he shared.

Ansh also reminisced about the happy childhood memories of playing Holi with water.

“As I grew up, I noticed and understood the importance of water in our lives. Now, I would urge my fans and viewers to have a happy Holi. Let us enjoy the essence of each colour in our lives during this festival,” he added.

The mystical revenge thriller ‘Baghin’ revolves around the character of ‘Gauri’ played by Aneri Vajani, who is a simple girl in love with Veer (Zeeshan Khan), but due to unforeseen circumstances has to get married to Veer’s brother Deva (Ansh Bagri).

‘Baghin’ airs on Star Bharat.


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