ATM dispenses fake currency notes in UP

Amethi (Uttar Pradesh): Bank customers in Amethi were in for a major shock after an ATM started dispensing counterfeit currency, in Rs 200 denomination, on withdrawal.

The incident came to the fore when people went to ATMs to withdraw cash for Diwali shopping.

A video of the incident shows a man displaying a note dispensed by the ATM.

At first glance, the note looks identical to the original Rs 200 note, but a closer look reveals the differences.

There are phrases like “Children Bank of India,” and “Full of Fun” printed on the notes.

Soon after reports of people receiving fake notes spread, people started agitating at the ATM and a huge crowd gathered there.

The local police were called in and the police spokesman said that the matter would be investigated. He said that the concerned bank was being informed and investigations would begin on Thursday when the banks reopen after a long break.


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