Babil Khan talks about his social media character Bablu

Mumbai: Actor Babil Khan, who garnered a lot of appreciation with his debut in Anvita Dutt’s ‘Qala’, has created a character ‘Bablu’ on Instagram. The actor keeps sharing mini-episodes of the character’s day-to-day life struggles.

Babil has posted eight episodes till date. In the first episode, Babil explains how he came up with the idea of the character and shared his reaction when a girl called him a “fearless ball of life.” In the subsequent episodes, Bablu is seen struggling with maths, spelling, winters, prom, and even being a genie while giving advice.

Talking about the character that he has created for the social media episodic content, Babil said, “Bablu is the child inside of everyone, the child inside of you that is free of worries, ego, burdens of social morality and responsibilities, your inner child that lives with a true sense of freedom.”

Babil, who is the son of the late actor Irrfan, further mentioned, “As we age in this world, we lose touch with our inner child, Bablu is the representation of the idea that the child inside of you, the purity of you, is still alive, all you need to do is learn to access it.”

On the work front, the actor will be soon seen in the upcoming webseries ‘The Railway Men’.



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