Baijayant’s Desire For 2-Mahadev Bungalow Shows His Double Standards

Bhubaneswar: It has been more than a year since he has been relieved from the membership of Parliament, but Baijayant Panda is yet to vacate the official residence given to him in Delhi. The 2-Mahadev Road bungalow, which was given to Baijayant, has been allotted to the incumbent Kendarapara MP Anubhav Mohanty by the House Committee of the Parliament. But the bungalow is still in the possession of Baijayant despite the House Committee’s notices to vacate.


Anubhav, who went to see and inspect the bungalow today after prior approval of the House Committee, was not allowed to enter by the security guards posted there by Baijayant Panda.

In a tweet, the Kendrapada parliamentarian wrote “ Ex-Law Maker Sri @PandaJay has NO respect for Law, Ethics or political morality.13 months after he ceased to be an MP and further after losing the last Lok Sabha elections he continues to forcibly occupy the government bungalow at 02, Mahadev Road, New Delhi.” He even posted a photo of him from in front of the house where the security guard stopped him
Another tweet of Anubhav read “His Security Guards are trained not to allow the newly elected MPs who are entitled to allotment by the House Committee of LS to enter and inspect the house. He must stop preaching and sermonising about morals and ethics in public life in future.

This shows the mentality of Baijayant Panda, who has always been talking of morality. Baijayant has been a voracious critic of the subsidies and perks given to the members of the Parliament. And when it comes to himself, he is illegally occupying the Bungalow meant for the new lawmaker.

Baijayant is not new to Delhi and he is not a new Member of the Parliament. His business empire has many links in Delhi and he has a number of properties in the national capital. But still he is occupying the bungalow. Baijayant has been given notice to vacate the bungalow after he resigned from the Lok Sabha, but he is still using it as his private office.

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