Bargarh: High School Head Master Nabbed for Taking Bribe

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Vigilance on Monday nabbed a high school head master for allegedly taking bribe from a functionary of SHG.

Balamukunda Padhan, Head Master, Kushanpuri High School in Bargarh district, has been apprehended by the Vigilance while demanding and accepting bribe of Rs.14,000from a functionary of local SHG to process file for release of payment in their favour towards cleaning and night watch duty of the school.

The entire bribe money has been recovered from the possession of accused head master.

Following the trap, simultaneous searches are going on at two locations of Pradhan from DA angle.
In this connection, Sambalpur Vigilance PS Case No.09 dt.21.04.2024 U/s 7 PC (Amendment) Act, 2018 has been registered. Investigation is in progress against Pradhan.

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