Be Simple and Humble: Naveen’s Mantra to First Timers

Bhubaneswar: Putting integrity on top of his philosophy of governance, besides working for all the people without fear or favour since 2000, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today taught his own philosophy of Governance to the newly elected MLAs at his residence.

Showing the path to the legislators, Patnaik unraveled many of his secret philosophy and ideologies to serve the people and said, “When in 2000 I became MLA for the first time…I had called both the BDOs of my constituency Hinjili and told them that…now elections are over. I am Mla for everyone in the constituency. And I want you to work without fear or favour and work for all the people in the constituency.  No discrimination in party lines. I have followed this principle very sincerely always whether at MLA level or as CM of the state”.

“I would like all of you follow this principle always. And if you see Biju babu he was known for helping and working for people cutting across party lines. He worked for people.”, he added.

Revealing his own experience, he said “I can tell from my experience if you work for people elections are easy. When you work only for elections, then elections are tough.”

Patnaik also asked the MLAs to be ground rooted and maintain a simple life style mingling with people.

“Another important aspect in public life is simplicity. People appreciate simplicity. If one is arrogant and pompous it creates distance between the common mass and their representative”, Patnaik said.

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