Berhampur Police Arrests Three Anti-Socials Involved in Extortion

Berhampur: The Berhampur Police arrested three anti-socials for allegedly involved in extortion and criminal activities.

The accused have been identified as Sisir Kumar Nayak (37), Ganesha Sahu (29) and Sankar Pradhan (57).

The police said that regular inputs were received from the sources regarding the criminal activities of veteran criminal Kuna Behera of Tamana village and his associates.

Based on such continuous intelligence inputs enquiry was made by Golantahra Police Station and it was ascertained the anti-social Kuna Behera is a anti-social and has more than 25 cases of heinous offences against him along with his associates.

It was also learnt that by his antisocial & criminal activities he has created a terror atmosphere in the locality and is extorting money in the name of Dada-Bati from the local shop keepers, petrol pump, brick factories, Poultry farmers, mushroom fanners, road contractors, crusher owners and other small enterprisers of Tamana, Jugudi, Medinpur, Sihala, Kankia and the multi-purpose Ghatakeswar Irrigation project merely the case by the threat of his criminal activities.

Out of fear the locals never dared to raise voice against him and his associates and his crimes goes un-reported. Taking advantage of that Kuna Behera and his associates were continuously commiting crimes like-wild-life hunting, extortion, and robbery from the passers-by of Chikiti-Tamana Road and all such crimes goes un-reported. Based on such information above noted case was registered against Kuna Behera and his associates, the police said.

During the investigation, the three accused persons were arrested. The investigation of the case is on and evidence based legal actions will be initiated against other associates, informed Berhampur SP Saravana Vivek M.

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