Big Step towards Cyber Security in Odisha: CSOC Blacklists Nearly 3000 Suspicious IPs

Bhubaneswar: In a big step towards ensuring cyber security in Odisha, the Cyber Security Operation Centre (CSOC), which is jointly managed by the E&IT Department and OCAC as part of the 5T Initiative, has so far blacklisted nearly 3,000 suspicious Internet Protocols (IPs).

As per reports, the cyber fraudsters used to be active through these IPs. With the blacklisting, the fraudsters can longer have access to any of the websites under the State Data Centre or IT Centre.

Most of the blacklisted IPs that attempt cyber attacks are the Europeans, reports added.

The cyber attacks have already been launched from about 3,000 IPs. They have been completely blacklisted after they were identified using the “Intelligent Gear” used to catch cyber attacks. As a result, they will no longer be subject to cyber attacks from the same IPs in the future because the system is fully automated.

The CSOC is monitoring cyber intruders 24×7 and block them immediately if they are suspected, reports added.
Currently, the state government’s data center is connected to the State Wide Area Network. More and more government agencies and organizations will be added in the future.

The CSOC will scan or monitor the network round the clock to flag any suspicious activities. The centre will issue alerts about emerging threats to prevent any harm. The CSOC will minutely examine each threat, discard false threats and ascertain real threats, reports added.

Notably, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had inaugurated the state-of-the-art Next Generation Cyber Security Operation Centre at OCAC (Odisha Computer Application Centre) last month.

The centre will help protect data, applications and ICT infrastructure of the state from security threats.
The CSOC has been set up using latest security technologies and tools. The system is fully automated and will help government information and data from possible threat by hackers.

Technology is one of the key components of 5T charter of Government. At present, State Data Centre, State Wide Area Network and Secretariat Network have been integrated with CSOC.

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