‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’: Lovekesh Kataria secretly re-appointed ‘baharwala’

Mumbai: Content creator Lovekesh Kataria is not evicted and has been re-appointed as the “baharwala” by the voice of Bigg Boss. He even saved a housemate from mid-week eviction with the undercover task.

On Tuesday morning, a promo from the channel showed that Lovekesh’s friend Vishal Pandey correctly guessed that he was the “baharwala” and put him in the danger zone.

Bigg Boss then asked the housemates about evicting Lovekesh, to which Ranveer Shorey, Chandrika Dixit, and Armaan Malik were seen raising their hands in agreement.

However, Lovekesh was saved by the audience and did not have to leave the house.

The voice of Bigg Boss re-appointed Lovekesh as the baharwala again, but in secrecy. Finding the new baharwala has led to confusion.

As the baharwala, Lovekesh had the power to save nominated housemates Shivani Kumari, Vishal Pandey, Armaan Malik, and Deepak Chaurasia from mid-week eviction. However, in return, he had to give away half of the house’s rations.

In the upcoming episode, Naezy will also be seen talking about his personal life with his friend Sana Makbul.

Sana asks Naezy about his past relationships, to which he shares that he has never dated anyone because he always wanted to wait for the one he could marry.

Previously evicted housemates include Neeraj Goyat, Payal Malik, Poulomi Das, and Munisha Khatwani.

The show airs on JioCinema Premium.


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