BJD’s Strike Rate Is More Than 80 Percent, Got Majority to Form Govt after Third Phase Elections: Kartik Pandian

Bhubaneswar: Senior Biju Janata Dal leader Kartik Pandian has said that the ruling party has already got majority to form the government in Odisha after the third phase elections concluded yesterday in the state.

He said that the Biju Janata Dal’s strike rate is 80 to 85 percent and by the end of the fourth phase voting, BJD will have more majority. In Lok Sabha also, the party has received tremendous response and is going to win maximum seats, he said.

Speaking to media persons, Kartik Pandian said that, with the blessings of Lord Jagannath and the love of the people of Odisha, the Biju Janata Dal will have even more majority in the 4th phase voting.

“While, I won’t go into the numbers, I can say that we are winning 80 to 85 percent seats in the state and we have already received the majority by the third phase elections” he said. In Bhubaneswar, record polling has been seen. The people of Bhubaneswar, especially the middle class people, have overwhelmingly supported the Biju Janata Dal due to its packages for them.

The promises for the young generation through Nua O Scholarship, Youth Budget etc., have touched the hearts of the young generation. It has created a confidence in them. BJD has swept the polls in Bhubaneswar, he said.

Lashing at the opposition parties, especially the Bharatiya Janata Party, Kartik Pandian said their strategy is misinformation, false narratives and crocodile tears. They are spreading misinformation out of nothing and telling lies to the voters. They don’t have the confidence to talk about price rise, employment etc. He questioned the opposition on their performance in the last ten years and said that there is no respite from price hike, oil price, gas price, food prices etc. They should have given the guarantee that, the oil and gas prices will be brought back to the 2014 levels, increase the MSP for the farmers by two folds etc. But they have forgot them and covering up the failures of the last ten years through false information and narratives. Not an iota of truth is there in their arguments, and that is why nobody is taking them seriously, Pandian said.

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