BJP, Congress hand-in-glove over Constitution issue: Mayawati

Lucknow: Former Uttar Pradesh chief minister and BSP chief Mayawati has claimed that there is an internal collusion between the ruling BJP and the Congress, and their calls to save the Constitution is an attempt to divert the public attention from pressing issues like unemployment and poverty.

It is noteworthy that both, the BJP and the Congress have accused each other of trampling over the Constitution.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Mayawati said, “There is no doubt that there is a competition between the ruling party and the opposition to show the copy of the Constitution inside and outside the Parliament. All these people seem to be two sides of the same coin and their thinking also seems to be almost similar and both of them together have now made this Constitution a casteist, communal and capitalist Constitution to a large extent through many amendments and I am talking about the internal collusion of the ruling party and the Opposition because both of them have failed miserably in removing the poverty, unemployment and inflation.”

The BSP president further claimed that the drama of forcefully saving the Constitution is being staged by the internal collusion of these two parties and is aimed at diverting the attention of the public from these issues.


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