BMC’s Gift a Bicycle: A Reward for COVID Volunteers

Bhubaneswar: Cycles on gift – a trend to promote Cycle for Change among the change agents. The strategy of such promotion has been actualized here at the Smart Park in Saheed Nagar today. Fifteen bicycles were gifted to 15 dedicated Smart city volunteers who have been instrumental in promoting COVID-19 prevention awareness in their respective areas.

The event took place at about 4.20 pm where volunteers were encouraged by handing over bi8cycles to them for their dedications in sensitizing community members on different developmental issues along with COVID prevention measures. The Officers of Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited present during the hour were Dipti Rani Sahoo General Manager Social Projectes, General Manager Administration Kamaljit Das, Ajay Majhi, Company Secretary and Pradeep Singh, Executive Engineer.

As announced by the Commissioner , BMC every Friday is observed as cycle day and cycle related promotional and as well as interventions activities are being done on the day in each week since the inauguration of Cycle for Change. On the occasion 60 nos .of Auto drivers (Smart City On Line Auto Association) have vowed to respect cyclist and to support cycle for change initiative in Bhubaneswar by reading the pledge. They were also given certificate of blood donation.

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