Can Pixel 7a help Google improve its dismal India smartphone market share?

New Delhi: Seven years on, the Google Pixel family of smartphones have failed to impress Indian smartphone users. The company currently has a minuscule market share in a highly-competitive premium smartphone market dominated by the likes of OnePlus, Apple and Samsung.

According to industry experts, Pixel smartphones had a dismal overall 0.2 per cent market share in India in 2022.

The arrival of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro last festive season helped the company increase its market share a tad bit and currently, according to Counterpoint Research, Pixel’s market share in India hovers around less than 0.5 per cent even after seven years.

Can Pixel 7a help Google gain more than just eyeballs and cement its position in the India premium segment?

“Older pixel devices have got positive feedback and enjoy world-of-mouth publicity in India. Pixel 7a with its striking features can help Google gain some more market share,” Tarun Pathak, Research Director at Counterpoint, told IANS.

Google on Thursday launched its newest A-series smartphone Pixel 7a in India that will be available at a launch price of Rs 39,999 (actual price Rs 43,999) on Flipkart.

Google Pixel 7a is built with Tensor G2 chip and the Titan M2 security chip as used in Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, making it faster, more efficient and more secure. The 6.1-inch Pixel 7a is available in three colours — Charcoal, Snow and Sea.

The Pixel series was launched in October 2016. After Pixel 4a, there was a two-year gap for the new series to come to the India market and Google later brought Pixel 6a to India in early 2022.

According to industry experts, Pixel 7a has a real tough competition in India and the road ahead will not be an easy one.

“The Pixel 7a brings impressive hardware to the table. That said, Google’s hesitance to invest in the Indian market is indeed surprising, especially considering the significant growth momentum Apple has enjoyed in recent years,” Prabhu Ram, Head, Industry Intelligence Group, CMR, told IANS.

As per CyberMedia Research insights, Pixel has maintained a less than 0.2 per cent market share in India for the past three years, with mainstream smartphone buyers in India remaining oblivious to Pixel.

“With the competition in the smartphone market getting intense, Google’s reluctance to take an India bet could hurt it,” Ram noted.


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