CM Yogi distributes appointment letters to 7720 ‘Lekhpals’

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday distributed appointment letters to 7,720 Lekhpals (revenue officials), selected through a “fair and transparent recruitment” process by the Uttar Pradesh Subordinate Services Selection Commission, during the Mission Rozgar program held at Lok Bhavan.

“This selection process was carried out with complete fairness and transparency with no discrimination, or need for recommendations. It is your duty to work diligently, without relying on recommendations, to enhance both the ease of doing business in the state and the quality of life for the poor,” the Chief Minister said.

He added: “Your energy and talent should be focused on improving the lives of the poor. Your positive cooperation is crucial in attracting investment opportunities, and the general public and youth should receive timely support in obtaining caste, residence, and income certificates.”

The Chief Minister stressed the importance of timely completion of proceedings related to inheritance, transfers, and land measurement.

“You should uphold a positive reputation among the people, ensuring that the name of Lekhpal does not evoke fear,” the Chief Minister said.

Urging the newly selected Lekhpals to fulfil their duties with honesty, the Chief Minister emphasised their crucial role in public service, highlighting tasks such as land leasing, inheritance procedures, property transfers, conversion of agricultural land to non-agricultural use, facilitating investment opportunities, and accurate land measurement.

“Violent incidents often arise over minor land disputes in rural and urban areas. Timely measurement and demarcation can prevent such disputes. If powerful land mafias attempt to illegally occupy government or poor people’s land, we must intervene with anti-land mafia measures and take decisive action,” the Chief Minister said.

He said that ensure all tasks are conducted ethically and leverage technology effectively.

“The entire revenue system is being digitised, and the distribution of laptops and tablets should coincide with training sessions,” the Chief Minister said.

He said that following this process, the government has submitted requisitions for an additional 4,700 appointments, which we aim to finalise soon.

“Upon completion, the state will reach its target of appointing 3,837 Lekhpals,” the Chief Minister said.

Highlighting the situation before 2017, he remarked: “Half the Lekhpal positions were vacant due to a lack of recruitment, plagued by numerous loopholes. Even before the process began, the then government would engage in corrupt practices, distributing entire districts among their family members. This is the same Uttar Pradesh whose youth were sidelined if they went anywhere outside. Some districts had such a poor image that people would not even give them a place in hotels and dharamshalas, let alone jobs.”


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