Commissionerate Police Introduces Children Tracking System at Bali Yatra 

Cuttack: The Commissionerate Police has come up with a unique tracking system in order to deal with the problem of children getting separated from their parents or guardians at the world famous Bali Yatra in Cuttack.

The Commissionerate Police has rolled out the system where specially-designed paper cards with contact number of children’s parents would be placed in the pockets of children.

The idea behind these cards is to enable prompt communication with the parents in case of children separated from them in the crowd.

As per Cuttack DCP Pinak Mishra, the police personnel are actively patrolling the grounds, identifying children with their parents or family members.

Using a custom-made missing child tracking card, the police officers write down the names and phone numbers of the parents, placing the cards in the children’s pockets, he said.

The DCP further said that the use of public address system will continue to remain in practice to reunite missing or separated children with their families.

The introduction of this paper card system enhances effectiveness and ensures a rapid reunion between missing children and their parents, he said.

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