Consumers feel pinch in their pockets as vegetable prices soar in Kolkata

Kolkata:  Even though Kali Puja and Diwali are over and there are hints of an early winter in the air in West Bengal, rising prices of essential vegetables continue to pinch the pockets of the consumers, especially those from middle-class background.

Although onion prices, which skyrocketed to Rs 100 a kg in some retail markets in the city in the first week of November, have eased a bit, the price of tomato has again started showing an upward trend. In most retail markets, the vegetable is selling at Rs 80 a kg.

Onions prices have now slightly eased to Rs 60 and Rs 70 a kg in the retail markets of the city.

According to the members of the task force constituted by the West Bengal government to keep a check on the prices of essential products in the retail markets, the price of cauliflower has also doubled in less than a week’s time.

“While cauliflower was selling at Rs 20 per piece last week, in most retail markets it is now selling for Rs 50 per piece,” said a member of the task force.

Ginger at Rs 200 a kg continues to be a matter of headache for the middle-class customers.

The price of parval, another staple item in Bengali kitchen, is also quite high at Rs 50 a kg, the task force member said.

However, they expect the prices, especially those of tomato and onion, to ease in the next couple of weeks with the arrival of winter.


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