Cop injured as gang mambers attack policemen in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: Shahibag Police faced a violent confrontation with the ‘China gang’ while trying to apprehend their leader, Jignesh Patani, alias ‘Peklo’, in Asarwa, Ahmedabad.

The clash occurred near Motilal’s alley, in the vicinity of Shahibag Police Station, following a tip-off about Peklo’s hideout. The incident took place on Friday night.

The policemen had gone to apprehend Jignesh, who had escaped by jumping parole, and were attacked. With the assistance of nearby police, they finally managed to apprehend seven suspects. A group of 15 people launched an attack on 16 police officers.

DCP Kanan Desai said, “An attack was launched on the policemen and seven suspects have been apprehended. They had gone to apprehend an accused who had jumped parole.”

In an attempt to protect their leader, members of the gang resorted to pelting stones at the police officers who were closing in on their location. This abrupt attack caught the police off guard, and police officer Bhupendrabhai sustained severe injuries. He was immediately transported to the Civil Hospital for immediate medical attention. The already strained situation escalated dramatically when the gang members began firing at the police.

In-charge of the case, VD Vaghela said, “15 accused attacked as many as 16 police officers and fought fiercely, resulting in injuries to one police officer.”



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