Corona Update: Odisha Govt. Issues Advisory to Banks

Bhubaneswar: Stepping up its efforts to curb the spreading of deadly Coronavirus in the State, Odisha Government has issued a comprehensive advisory to banks.

Here is the advisory:

1.Put up Corona awareness posters and banners prominently in bank branches and ATMs.

2.All staff members should use masks during office hours.

3.Keep sufficient hand sanitizers/ hand wash soaps in the wash

4. Advise the staff members to clean hands using hand sanitizer/
hand wash soaps at regular intervals.

5. Keep hand sanitizer in the ATMs and advise customers to use it after the transactions.

6. Avoid crowding in the branches. Open more counters. Allow Customers inside branches in small batches.

7.Allow customers to enter ATMs one by one and never allow
more than one at a time.

8. Send bulk SMS to customers spreading Corona awareness
messages and advising not to visit branches/ ATMs except in
urgency and to use mobile banking and internet banking

9. Notify the customers dedicated phone numbers for any
transaction queries instead of visiting the branches personally.

10. Banking Correspondents should be advised to use masks and carry hand sanitizer with them. In rural areas where hand
sanitizers are not available they can use other disinfectants
like Dettol, Savlon etc. for cleaning hands themselves and the Customers as well.

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