COVID-19: ‘No Mask No Entry, No Mask No Goods’ in Berhampur

Berhampur: As part of the precautionary measures to prevent spread of Covid-19, the Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) has issued a fresh advisory asking the owners of business establishments to put appropriate signage ‘No Mask No Entry and No Mask No Goods’ at the entry point of their premises.

The owners of shops, stores and shopping malls shall not allow any staff or customers without face mask or face cover inside their premises, the BeMC said in the advisory.

in view to prevent any new COVID – 19 positive cases in BeMC area which require caution among the citizens of Berhampur, said BeMC Commissioner J Sonal.

Proper wearing of face mask is a key method to check the spread of COVID virus, he said.

Here is the BeMC Advisory:

• All citizens residing within BeMC area as well as outside citizens coming to BeMC area or present in BeMC area have been asked to wear face mask / face cover appropriately while in public places like places of worships , parks , open air gyms, sports arena , market places and all other places of congregation .

• Appropriate use of face mask / face cover means that , it should cover the mouth and nose properly .

• The owners of business establishments like shopping malls / shops / store owners shall not allow any staff or customers without face mask / face cover inside their premises.

• They shall also put appropriate signage ” NO MASK NO ENTRY / NO MASK NO GOODS ” at the entry point of their premises for information of all concerned .

• The fuel refilling stations shall not sell fuels to those customers who are not wearing face mask / face cover appropriately . The fuel station owners to also put proper signage at appropriate place for information of all .

• All government offices as well as private offices shall ensure that their employees are wearing face masks / face covers at all times while in their offices premises except when they are taking tiffin / lunches during lunch time .

The above advisory is in addition to adherence of other COVID appropriate behaviours like maintenance of social distancing , maintaining hand hygiene , adopting appropriate coughing / sneezing practice and no spitting in public places etc, the BeMC stated.

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