Cyclone ‘Fani’ Update: Landfall Process Begins, Likely to Last for Another 3 Hours

New Delhi: The impact of landfall of cyclonic storm Fani has begun in Odisha with coastal district of Puri recording a wind speed of 175 kmph this morning.

“The impact of landfall process has started. Fani will make a landfall between 8-11 am, HR Biswas, Director, Met Dept, Bhubaneswar, said.  

The Cyclone Warning Division of the India Meteorological Department said the wind speed of the Extremely Severe Cyclone Fani could reach 200-230 kilometres when it makes the landfall

The Odisha government has already evacuated lakhs of people from the coastal areas to camps on higher grounds.

Nearly 11 lakh people have been evacuated from the vulnerable districts in last 24 hrs.

Ganjam and Puri evacuated more than 3 lakh and 1.3 lakh people respectively to safe shelters.

About 5000 kitchens started operating to serve people in the shelters.

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