Debrigarh Sanctuary to Conduct Sign Survey of Carnivores and Herbivore from May 28

Sambalpur: Debrigarh Sanctuary under Hirakud Wildlife Division will conduct a sign survey of carnivores and herbivore (census or density calculation) from 28th May to 2nd June.

As many as 26 teams with 52 trained staff have been formed who will complete survey in six days. In the first three days, the teams will cover Carnivore and last 3 days density of herbivores will be done. It will give density of prey base inside sanctuary. It’s pre-monsoon sign survey, last density calculation reflects density between 29-38 per in sanctuary, Sambar population being highest among herbivores and there is equal distribution of deer, Indian Gaur, wild boar, chowsingha etc inside Sanctuary and about 70 leopards hv been reported so far. After survey result will come out in a month, according to sources.

Presence of one tiger is ascertained by camera trap, survey results may reflect whether presence of other tiger is there. Since last 7-8 months the male tiger is regularly camera trapped in sanctuary. Around 140 cameras and 12 tiger monitoring teams are regularly monitoring the tiger day and night.

In view of census 3 days during herbivore survey (or prey density survey) jungle Safari will remain closed from 31st May to 2nd June during morning hours from 6am to 9am to avoid biotic disturbance.

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