Delhi HC asks Tata SIA Airlines, Kannada news network to not take any coercive action

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court recently asked a Kannada news network (Vistara News) and Tata SIA Airlines (owners of Vistara Airlines) to not take any coercive action until the next date of hearing, as the latter had filed a trademark infringement suit.

The Karnataka-based news publication had opposed the ex-parte injunction passed against it on November 22.

“Accordingly, till the next date of hearing, defendant and all others acting for and on its behalf are restrained from using plaintiff’s registered and well-known trademark Vistara, in any form or manner whatsoever, including but not limited to its variations in vernacular languages such as Kannada, amounting to infringement and are also restrained from passing off its services or goods as that of the plaintiff (Tata SIA Airlines),” the court had ordered.

Justice Amit Bansal while listing the matter for the next hearing on December 15 said, “Issue notice…Without prejudice to the rights and contentions of the parties, it is agreed between the counsels that no coercive steps shall be taken by either of the sides till the next date of hearing.”

Tata SIA had filed a plea stating that it is the registered proprietor of the trademark ‘Vistara’ and the defendant has completely copied the mark to confuse the customers into believing that its services and packages originate from the plaintiff.

“Being declared a well-known trademark, Vistara is entitled to the highest degree of protection,” Tata Airlines had told the court.



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