Delhi Police seeks details from Rahul about sexual harassment victims ‘who approached him’

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Thursday issued a notice to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi to provide details about the victims of sexual harassment who had approached him seeking security.

A senior police officer said the notice was issued after the police took cognisance of social media posts and sent a list of questionnaires.

“Delhi Police has issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi to give details about those victims who approached him regarding their sexual harassment. Police have asked him to give details of these victims so that security can be provided to them,” said the official.

” … in one particular case, I asked a girl (who had been raped) if we should call the police? She said ‘don’t call the police… I will be shamed’,” Rahul Gandhi had said during the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Srinagar.

Reacting to the notice, the Congress in a statement said: “A government rattled by Rahul Gandhi’s questions on Prime Minister Narenrda Modi and Gautam Adani’s relationship hides behind its police. After 45 days of Bharat Jodo Yatra was completed, Delhi Police has, via a notice, sought details of women who met him and spoke about harassment and violence they may have faced.

“We will respond to the notice in due course in accordance with law. This notice is yet another proof of a government n panic and their latest salvo to weaken democracy, women empowerment, freedom of expression and role of the opposition,” the statement added.


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