Devotees Struggle to Have Darshan of Lord Jagannath Despite Opening of Four Gates

Puri: Even though the four gates of Srimandir have been opened for the devotees, it seems to be a herculean task to manage the crowd inside the premises of the temple.

The devotees are complaining of facing many problems inside the temple due to mismanagement of crowd.

With the opening of four gates, the number of devotees has increased many a fold and they have to wait at one place for hours to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

Devotees said that even if they enter through the four gates, it is not possible to have a hassle-free darshan of the deities because of unprecedented gathering of crowd inside the temple.

The devotees are literally finding it challenging to enter the sanctum sanctorum. An unpleasant situation was seen on Saturday at the Jagannath Temple. On the occasion of Raja Sankranti, a massive number of devotees from across the State have thronged to Srimandir to have darshan of the Holy Trinity. However, they had to wait for several hours to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

As per reports, some devotees allegedly beat a police man near Singhadwara when they were stopped entering into the temple through the barricade near Singhadwara.

A complaint has been lodged at the Singhadwara Police Station in this connection.

Even a large number of devotees had to return without having darshan of Lord Jagannath.

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