Devotees Throng to Alarnath As Holy Trinity Recuperate in Anasara Gruha

Puri: After the Debasnana Purnima rituals concluded with much fanfare in the presence of lakhs of devotees yesterday, Lord Jagannath along with his siblings Balabhadra, Maa Subhadra and Lord Sudarshana are now recuperating in the Anasara Gruha. The deities become ill after yesterday’s ritualistic bath with 108 pots of water on the occasion of Devasnana Purnima. Daitapati Sebakas are taking care of the deities with special medications and Upacharas. During Anasara, the principal deities are offered only uncooked food and mostly fruits and berries. A special preparation of ripe fruits mixed together and known as Chakata Bhoga is offered to the deities. The treatment of the deities inside the Anasara Gumuta also continues under the supervision of Vaidyas or Ayurvedic doctors. The worship of Patti Dian has also started in the Srimandira.

Meanwhile, people in large numbers thronged to Alarnath in Brahmagiri to have darshan of Lord Alarnath. It is believed that, during the 15-day Anasara of Lord Jagannath, having the darshan of Lord Alarnath has all the virtues on having darshan of the later.

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