Disqualifying Rahul Gandhi a dangerous precedence: Goa Forward

Panaji: Goa Forward Party MLA Vijai Sardesai on Friday termed the disqualification of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from Lok Sabha as a decision which will set a “dangerous precedent” in the country.

“It is setting a dangerous precedent. In the politics of the country, defamation is still an ambiguous thing, clear cut definition on criminal definition is still unavailable,” Sardesai, an ally of Congress, said.

“And finishing the career of a politician from an elected political scenario by using such a law of defamation… if such things happen then it will set a dangerous precedent across the country which may be one day (used on) to me or to others. It will be misused everywhere. Elected representatives will be barred (from contesting) for eight years,” he added.

Sardesai said as per legal experts, in criminal defamation, intention to defame doesn’t have to be spelt out, but in civil defamation it has to be done. “There is such ambiguity (in it), but by using it one should not be stumped out. This will be applied at state level and misused,” the Fatorda MLA said.

Gandhi, the MP from Kerala’s Wayanad, was disqualified from the Lok Sabha on Friday, a day after a court in Gujarat’s Surat convicted him over a 2019 speech in which he termed all people with the Modi surname “thieves”.


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