Education Minister Mulls Strict Action Against Erring Officials, Teachers

Bhubaneswar: It was a usual day on Thursday at the Block Education Office Bhubaneswar and everybody was careless of maintaining the decorum of the office until School and Mass Education Minister’s surprise visit.

All of a sudden everything changed and the officials present had not much to explain about the irregularities. Minister Samir Ranjan Das paid a surprise visit to the BEO office to check the realty and to his anguish there was total indiscipline in the office.

While some of the officials were absent and some were late comers to the office. Despite the Chief Minister’s strict instructions to government officials to time management, the BEO office staff was seen careless.

The Minister checked the attendance register and collected other information from the present staff. He also instructed the BEO to take action against erring officials who neglect duties.

He said that no employee in the state will be excused for negligence of duties. Reviewing the working of the Cluster Resource Center Coordinators, The minister said that they have to teach in the schools for the first two hours of the day and thereafter they have to officiate as CRCCs.

He also said that teachers should not come to the BEO Office for any reason during the teaching time. All the teachers working in the BEO offices will be sent to their schools. He also assured that manpower will be provided if required for the paper work .

This comes after the Chief Minister’s strict instructions to government officials to adhere to the Five Ts and improve delivery mechanism. The departments have also been asked to submit report cards every month on the developments.

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