Eknath Shinde seeks unconditional apology from Sanjay Raut for ‘defamatory propaganda’

Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has served a legal notice to Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut for his write-up in Shiv Sena UBT’s mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ for making serious allegations of distribution of Rs 25 to Rs 30 crore in each constituency during the Lok Sabha elections.

The Chief Minister has called upon Raut, who is also the Chief Editor of ‘Saamna’, to offer an unconditional apology within three days from the receipt of the notice or be ready for further legal battle.

The notice has been served for allegedly adopting defamatory propaganda to antagonise the minds of the public at large and to misguide them in forming an adverse opinion against him and the entire Shiv Sena political party.

Raut in his write up in ‘Saamna’ said that ‘’Eknath Shinde has spent unlimited money in each constituency and he has distributed approximately Rs 25 to 30 crore in each constituency. Ajit Pawar’s candidates should not get elected therefore Eknath Shinde has specially done all this.’’

‘’My client states that the said statement is not only false but per se defamatory and scandalous, which has been made to misguide the public at large and to create unrest among the public and rift among the public at large. Further, it appears that the said defamatory news article has been published by you with an intention to get name, fame and political mileage, for yourself and your so-called Leader Shiv Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray,’’ reads the legal notice. It further adds, ‘’My client states that he has never spent or given any money as alleged by you and my client puts you to strict proof to show evidence that my client has distributed amounts as mentioned by you.’’

Shinde in his notice has called upon Raut to tender an unconditional apology to him and before the media within a period of three days from the receipt of present notice failing which he shall be constrained to initiate criminal and civil proceedings against him and the newspaper and shall also file suit for damages against him and the newspaper.

‘’My client states that you being the Chief Editor of ‘Saamna’, you under the guise of freedom of speech are not permitted to defame my client for your vested political and selfish interest,’’ said the legal notice. ‘My client further states that by publishing such a defamatory news article, you have attempted to tarnish the image of my client in the eyes of the public at large for your vested political and selfish interest,’’it adds.

Meanwhile, Raut in his tweet has reacted to the legal notice served by Shinde through his lawyers. ‘’Pannas Khodke Edam Ok (50 crore Ekdum Ok). This is called a thief scolding the policeman. Unconstitutional Chief Minister Shinde has sent us a legal notice. Very interesting and one of the funny political documents. Now the fun will come!! Jai Maharashtra!’’


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