Fighting Corona: India Standstill For Janata Curfew

Bhubaneswar: The nationwide Janata Curfew called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fight Coronavirus has witnessed a huge response from public and the country is united to fight the deadly disease. People from all walks of life kept their promise to halt the spread of Corona and stayed homes starting at 7 am today. Roads and markets wore a deserted look as maximum number of trains and buses remained cancelled.

Initiating the Janata Curfew, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted “Let us all be a part of this curfew, which will add tremendous strength to the fight against Covid-19 menace,”
While most people stayed indoors, essential services were not affected by the Curfew. Tourist places, markets, Churches, beaches and parks were empty and only medicine and milk shops were seen open.
In Odisha, people have given a positive response to the Curfew and a few people can be seen on the roads. Almost all offices except essential services are closed down.

The Odisha government yesterday announced partial lockdown in five districts and eight cities till 29th march.

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