Follow the path to fitness that suits you: ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ star Madhurima Tuli

Mumbai: Celebrity fitness secrets have always grabbed attention and many are eager to know how these stars manage to look so good along with their extremely busy schedules.

Recently, actress Madhurima Tuli shared her fitness mantra.

She said: “I would just like to tell my fans that as soon as you start feeling not so good about yourself, you need to start working on your health. Fitness comes in various ways and there’s no one size fits all rule.”

Madhurima shared that she is not a gym person and prefers to do yoga or walk for an hour also works for her. She also suggested other ways to keep oneself physically fit.

“I hate going to the gym so I find other ways to keep fit. If you’re not a gym person like me, you can do yoga, find time to go jogging or walking for an hour, or dance if you love doing that but enjoy your fitness routine. I think that’s what will keep you in shape and also make you feel good inside and out,” she added.

Madhurima Tuli rose to fame with her character Tanu in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’.

After working as a model for a few brands, she was seen as a supporting actor in the Telugu thriller ‘Homam’.

‘Baby’ and ‘Tehran’ are some of her Bollywood projects.


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