For actress Manjari Mishra, keeping up with fashion trends can be 'exhausting' | News Room Odisha

For actress Manjari Mishra, keeping up with fashion trends can be ‘exhausting’

Mumbai: Actress Manjari Mishra feels keeping up with fashion trends can be exhausting.

Manjari, who featured in the Gujarati film ‘Fuleku’ and the Bollywood movie ‘Rocket Gang’, said: “Fashion, to me, is a form of self-expression, a way to convey personality, mood, and cultural influences through clothing, accessories, and style choices.”

Her comfort clothes are very relaxed outfits, like cozy loungewear and relaxed-fit garments, that make her feel at ease and confident too.

But for a date night, she would pick a classic yet stylish outfit, like a little black dress, paired with complementary accessories.

She believes keeping up with fashion trends can indeed be exhausting, especially with the rapid pace of change.

“Actors may feel pressured to stay current to some extent, particularly for public appearances and red carpet events,” she said.

Manjari, however, agrees that people can sometimes go overboard with trends, saying, “Some people prioritise style over comfort or appropriateness. When deciding what to wear, it’s essential to consider the occasion, personal comfort, and individual style preferences while also being mindful of cultural and social norms.”

As an actor, she is open to embracing characters with diverse fashion senses as part of their craft, showcasing their versatility and ability to inhabit different roles convincingly.

She said, “When portraying a character with a different fashion sense, actors may opt for more subdued or character-appropriate attire in public appearances to maintain the authenticity of their role and avoid confusion among fans.”