For Waseem Mushtaq, rare visits to home in Kashmir is like pressing a hard reset button

Mumbai: Actor Waseem Mushtaq, who essays the role of Deepika’s husband Varun in the television show ‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’, has said that for those who live away from their hometown, visiting their roots once in a while presses the reset button.

The actor said that living away from one’s hometown in order to earn a livelihood is always emotionally taxing.

Shedding light on the challenges actors face while living away, Waseem said: “Staying away from family is always an emotionally difficult thing, not just for actors but anyone who comes from other parts of the country to earn a livelihood. But it is a choice that we make, so we learn to live this way. It has been a while since I visited Kashmir, my hometown given the tight shooting schedules. I feel visiting your hometown just presses that hard reset button, which we in our line of work badly need from time to time and I am planning to drive down to Kashmir next time I decide to visit back home.”

The actor also said that he finds striking similarities between his character’s narrative and his personal journey.

Reflecting on a scene from the show, where the three daughters care for their sick father, the actor recalled a similar instance: “I remember this one time when my dad hurt himself and my sisters were the ones who managed everything since I live in Mumbai. Just like the three sisters on our show, my sisters are also the real heroes of our family. I generally relate to the show as I have two sisters who are very efficiently managing our parents and their respective families while I am in Mumbai. Hats off to them.”

‘Aangan Aapno Kaa’ airs Monday to Saturday on Sony SAB.


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