Ford wanted Indy Jones to look and feel like an old man in ‘Dial of Destiny’

Los Angeles: For Harrison Ford, the allure of reprising Indiana Jones for a fifth time in the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” was all about time, writes ‘Variety’.

Ford will celebrate his 81st birthday in July, just a few weeks after “Dial of Destiny” opens in theatres (in India, one day before the United States). It is not the typical age of your 2023 Hollywood action hero.

That was a selling point for Ford, who told ‘Esquire’ magazine that he ensured Indiana Jones looked and felt like an old man in “Dial of Destiny”.

“I wanted an ambitious movie to be the last one,” Ford said about reprising Indiana Jones, according to ‘Variety’. “And I don’t mean that we didn’t make ambitious movies before — they were ambitious in many different ways. But not necessarily as ambitious with the character as I wanted the last one to be.”

For similar reasons, Ford made the decision to go shirtless during one of the early scenes of “Dial of Destiny”. He said: “Waking up in my underwear with the empty glass in my hand was my idea.”

Ford’s age did show itself at times during the making of “Dial of Destiny”, notes ‘Variety’, such as when he pulled the subscapularis muscle off his right shoulder during a fight scene with co-star Mads Mikkelsen. The film’s production shut down for two weeks. When it resumed, Ford had to sit out an additional six weeks.



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