Gangapur PS: Torchbearer of Ganjam’s Policing Transformation

By- Soumya Ranjan Pradhan

Berhampur: Odisha’s endeavor to transform governance through 5T Initiatives is bringing in real change on the ground. People are witnessing this transformation in every sphere of governance including policing. The latest example of the transformation that has hugged the limelight is Odisha Police through its Gangapur Police Station in Ganjam District.

The recent announcement by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs that Gangapur Police Station has become one of the three best police stations of the country is a testimony to the state’s efforts of bringing in transformation. Gangapur Police Station has brought laurels for the district and state with its competent working and people centric initiatives. It has today become the torchbearer for the whole of the state and country.

While once upon a time, Gangapur of Ganjam district was notorious for its crime rate and anti social activities, but the scenario is totally different today. Established in 1936, the Gangapur Police Station has seen many ups and downs. Today, it has transformed itself and has become the best in the country only because of the commitment to serve the people of Gangapur. Various initiatives of the Police Department and the State Government have helped it to be the best in the country.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s vision of transformation through the core principles of 5T Initiatives – Team work, Technology, Transparency, Transformation and Time limit have been effectively put into practicality to achieve the prestigious accomplishment. Gangapur Police Station has shown that people centric behavior is the only way to serve the people.

In the last few years, Gangapur Police has adopted people centric initiatives such as to reach out to the people who are in need, change in behavior, implementing effective feedback and using technology. The state Government has also provided all the infrastructure and needed facilities to the Police Station.

According to Satyabrata Bhoi, DIG Southern Range, “Gangapur Police Station has shown how 5T and Mo Sarkar can help transform policing. Our aim is to transform all the police stations. It is just a beginning. We are very proud of the members of Gangapur Police.”

The two things that have helped most in this transformative journey are sufficient financial allocation to the Police Department by the government and a robust feedback system under MO Sarkar. Gangapur Police took the opportunity as a challenge and effectively used the feedback received from various quarters to strengthen itself. The Government of Odisha has been emphasizing on the modernization of Odisha Police through additional allocation of resources, digital initiatives, communication network and training of personnel.

While the clean environment and ambience of the Gangapur Police station creates an illusion of a park, inside it a team of police men are ready to serve the people. Their women and child friendly behaviour has helped them to achieve the award. The Central Team that visited the Gangapur Police Station to inspect the activities before conferring the Best Police Station Award, were amused to see the transformation.

One of the main achievements of Gangapur Police Station is bringing to the logical end the cases registered. Since January this year, the Gangapur PS has closed about 500 cases. It has the record of entering the highest number of entries in the CCTNS network. Its efforts to trace out missing persons, rounding of anti socials, keeping track of people with criminal antecedents, creating awareness on superstitions, acting strictly against witchcrafts have resulted in minimizing the crime rate in Gangapur area.

The social reformation initiatives taken by the Gangapur Police has helped bring people closer to it. The thrust is on accessibility to the needy public through close interaction with a better policing. Ganjam Police’s Operation Clean to flush out criminals has also helped a lot. The crime rate in Gangapur area has drastically decreased with the swift action of the police team led by IIC Dhiresh Kumar Dash.

Speaking to, Dhiresh says “Our efforts to reach out to the common man has paid dividends. We have always tried to solve all the cases on an individual basis. Our aim is to see crime free Gangapur, which we are sure to achieve in the coming days. The Award is only because of the hard work of our Police Station Team and the faith of the people of Gangapur towards us.”

Gangapur Police has been actively pursuing cases related to Ganja Smuggling, gambling, robbery, theft etc. The rate conviction is also higher when compared to other police stations.

SP Brijesh Ray, who heads the district Police, is the happiest person for Gangapur Police’s achievement. He has been closely associated with the transformation of the police department in Ganjam. Bringing in community involvement, reaching out to the society, transforming the attitude of the police are some of the reasons of this great transformation.

He says, “This achievement is a team effort. Kudos to the members of Gangapur Police station for adhering to the 5T Initiatives in letter and spirit. It is just the beginning and we hope all police stations will take inspiration from this and soon become the best.”

Gangapur IIC Dhiresh Kumar Dash will receive the Best Police Station Award and Trophy from Union Home Minister on November 19 at Police Headquarters, Lucknow, during the DGsP/IGsP Conference 2021.

The writer is a senior journalist with expert in legal affairs.

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