Ganjam Braces Up To Fight Second Wave of Covid-19; Asks All Officials To Be Present In Headquarters

Berhampur: The Ganjam District administration has got into firefighting mode with the number of Covid-19 infections in the state continues to rise. The district, which saw the maximum number of infection during the first wave of the pandemic, is not leaving any stone unturned to safeguard its people from the deadly virus.

As part of its strategy to counter the disease, the district administration under the leadership of Collector Vijay Amrit Kulange and guided by the state government, has started a structured approach in its fight. While the stage is already set since the first wave, senior officials are busy in discussing various steps to be taken to minimize the spread of the infection. The administration is contemplating a structured approach with a carefully defines SOP for managing the pandemic.

Looking at the present situation in the state, the district administration has decided to keep a strict vigil on the returnees especially from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and the Kumbha Mela in Uttarakhand. All the returnees will be tracked and local administration will have a strict mechanism to track all returnees. While ground level workers will do house to house survey to track any returnees, they will also help to inspect social distancing and maintenance of Covid appropriate behavior in the villages. If any returnee is reported the district administration will be immediately informed and steps will be taken for their health check up. If any person id found to be of health issues of Covid like symptoms, they will be isolated and provided all medical care. The thrust will be on checking if any person is having dry cough, cold, sore throat or fever.

The district administration has decided to provide all citizens with three specialized phone numbers for help regarding Covid. While there will be a special number for telemedicine that will provide first hand help regarding medications and precautions, the second number will be of the Covid Cell that will guide people who are infected with the disease. In any person who needs to contact the district administration, h/she can dial the third number to now about the various services available during the pandemic time. Any feedback can also be given in the specialised numbers.

Speaking to the, on the initiatives, Collector Vijay Amrit Kulange has said that communication will be the main pivot in the fight against the Covid-19. We are committed to the health of each and every person og the district. We have seen the pandemic closely and our thrust will be reducing the communication gap so that people are aware of the things that they should do when required.

As part of its efforts, the district administration has also instructed all the government officials to remain in the headquarters and do not leave without permission. Strict action will be taken against them who do not comply with the instructions.

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