Ganjam Goes Green: To Adopt Solar Electricity for All High Schools Transformed Under 5T Initiatives

Berhampur: The Ganjam District administration has taken up an ambitious plan to provide Solar Electricity in all the High Schools transformed under the 5T High Schools Transformation Programme.

As part of the plan, 2 KW solar power systems will be installed for small high schools and 4kw systems will be installed for big ones. The funds for this project have been mobilized from local CSR funding and matching contribution from Mo School program. The total expense for the project is likely to be to the tune of Rs 9 crore.

The solar power systems will be installed at 535 high schools in the district.

Speaking to the, Ganjam PD DRDA Shinde Dattatraya Bhausaheb has said that the initiative will help in reducing the electricity bills as they have gone up due to use of interactive panels in the newly developed smart classes and computers in the e-libraries.

The plan entails for including all the high schools of the districts in the next six months, he added.

Ganjam Collector Vijay Amruta Kulange said, “Our aim is to make the high schools energy independent through sustainable solar energy and to promote awareness among the students about renewable energy resources.”

The 5T High School Transformation Programme has played a vital role in eliminating the differences between the schools in the city and the villages.

Children are finding ambience of private schools in their villages.

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