Ghar Wapsi: Many Leaders Who Quit TMC Before Elections Want To Come Back


Kolkata: In what could be a big morale booster for Mamta Banerjee, there are indications that a large number of workers and leaders who left the party and joined the BJP before the elections are in touch with the TMC leadership to return back. If unofficial sources to believe, more than thirty MLAs and hundreds of leaders are trying hard to come back to the TMC fold. Some MPs are also said to be in the home coming. Sources from the TMC reveal that the Party will take a decision regarding this any time soon. Some names that are making rounds include Dipendu Biswas and Sonali Guha among others.

Party Supremo and Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee will take a decision at the right time regarding the home coming of the leaders to the party. But it is expected that the entry will not be easy many as it would encourage frequent shifts and can damage the image before the next general elections. Recently Sonali Guha, who left the TMC before the elections, was seen on television screens seeking Mamta to forgive her and let her return to the party.
Another rumor doing the rounds in media is the home coming of Mukul Roy, the once confidante of Mamta who crossed into BJP before the elections. Mamta’s nephew Abhishek met Mukul’s ailing wife in a private hospital recently. Prime Minister Modi too had called up Mukul to enquire about his wife’s health. But analysts say the call was meant to stop Mukul. Another two former Trinamool leaders, Sarala Murmu and Amal Acharya have also expressed similar desire to return to the party fold.

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